MID 19th century

After the Civil War left thousands of children without fathers, women of the United Workers of New Haven organized to provide a positive place for boys. Others followed suit. 


Feeling compassion for orphaned children, Pittsburgh organizers opened a home that eventually grew into the Shadyside Boys & Girls Club.

In 1906, several Boys Clubs affiliated to provide better services. Over the following decades, the movement grew rapidly. By 1970, organizers had served over one million boys. In 1990, the organization expanded to become the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

20th Century

21st Century and Evergreen

By 2001, the movement had served over 3.3 million youth throughout the country. In 2005, Evergreen BGC of Indiana County opened. Over the following 13 years, EBGC expanded to serve over 1,500 Indiana County youth at Homer-Center, Purchase Line, Penns Manor, United, and Blairsville-Saltsburg school districts.

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